The following notice was written in 2013. The page would be improved by a report on the visit.

Park Sohyun and Choi Dongeun will be in New Zealand to attend our national championships (Sept 28, 29) They will be in Auckland the week prior to the tournament and will visit the Auckland Go Club to play simutaneous games and teach. Later they will travel to Napier with Hyunwoo and Doyoung for the tournament. Please come along to the club to welcome them and to have a game.

Park Sohyun, 25 years old and professional 3 dan, was in the Korea women national team in 2009, She is a student at Myongji uni.

Choi Dongeun is 24 years old and professional 1 dan 1P. She has been to university in Canada and has very good English.

Hyunwoo says "I can recognise them. The ladies are really famous in Korea."

If you would like to spend time with Park and Choi, or have ideas for things you would like to do with them, please let User:ColinGrierson know so we can organise it.

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