2016 Auckland Open
September 24-25

At SASIT, 520 Gt South Rd Greenlane. (Parking and entrance are on Woodbine St)

- Colin Grierson, phone (09) 532 9996 Home or (09) 580 8745 Work
- Du Shiyong, phone (09) 534 5619 Home or (09) 539 7611 Work
- Kevin Lui, phone 021 0244 8272

Please advise Colin, Kevin or Du if you will be attending the tournament. 
- If you are coming to Auckland we can find accommodation for you with local Go players. 
  Please let us know your arrival details.
The main tournament will have 5 rounds over Saturday and Sunday.

Entry cost is $30, with $5 discount if you pre-register - (The registration form is at the end of this document)
New Zealand rules will be used.
Time control: 1hr 15 minutes allowed for each player and 30 seconds byo-yomi

Lunch, tea, and coffee will be provided

Payment and registration Saturday morning 9am

Dinner & social gathering Saturday night after the tournament in the SASIT games room.
- This is optional, but highly recommended!
Please pass this invitation on to other Go players you know who may not be aware of the tournament.
 9:00  Registration
 9:30  Round 1
12:00  Lunch
12:30  Round 2
15:15  Afternoon Tea
15:30  Round 3
18:30  End of play
19:00  Social function 

 9:30  Round 4
12:00  Lunch + Auckland Go club AGM
13:30  Round 5
18:30  Presentation of Prizes
19:00  Finish

Registration:  Please email the following information to coling@ihug.co.nz  Your name:  ______________________________________

Your playing strength: _____       For example "NZ 4 dan", "Korean 1 kyu", "2 dan on KGS"....

Your contact details:    email ___________________________________________________                               

                                Phone numbers __________________________________________

                                Address _________________________________________________

If you are coming to Auckland: - Do you need accommodation?       ______ - When and where do you arrive?    ______________________________________________

Are you a NZ citizen?   ____    (We need to know this when inviting people to represent NZ in international tournaments) If you are not a NZ citizen, do you have "Permanent Residence"?   ____  (You need at least PR to qualify for accumulating points towards representing NZ)

Any comments or suggestions you have regarding this tournament and Go activity in New Zealand

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