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Events related to the game of Go in 2017, happening in New Zealand or otherwise of interest to New Zealanders.

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Highlights for the NZGSEdit

The new ad-free website ready in August. A group of go playing students developed it for the NZGS as part of their work experience

Information email as follows:

Here's the announcement text we will be sending 
which has most of the details

Hi Everyone

Sylvain Gantos helped by Devi Bala Ramasamy 
and Shiju Mathew have 
created a new web site for the NZGS: This is now live 
and replaces the existing site. Many thanks 
to them for creating the 
site and to Corrin Lakeland for hosting it. 
Also many thanks to the 
people who contributed to and maintained 
our old site - 
especially Robin Patterson who 
did a lot of work behind the scenes.

The new site is better looking than the 
old one, and does not have any 
distracting advertisements. It has nice 
features such as News, coming 
events, picture galleries, forums for 
discussions, the WAGC points table 
and more. It also has tools to help us 
maintain a member list, mailing 
list and so on. Best of all it has Sylvain 
and friends to extend and 
develop it further.

Let's make our site interesting with new 
information and discussions. 
Pictures, game records, tournament reports - 
anything related to go - 
send them all to 
Or better yet, if you want to 
regularly post articles, Sylvain can 
give you the ability update the 
site directly.

So, try out our new web site, send lots 
of things to post, write on the 
forums, volunteer to help maintain the 
site and please tell us your 
thoughts and ideas about how the site 
can be improved.

Thanks again
Colin Grierson
NZGS secretary

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