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The 2018 Australian Digital Tournament was to have entries in by 10 February. Seven rounds, one per week, with results announced on 1 April.

It "is an annual first-class tournament of the Australian Go Association and regional tournament of the New Zealand Go Society". " If you are a New Zealand player, it is a fun chance to crush Australian players in a trans-Tasman tournament... and earns you international representative points."

The website sets out the rules and the contestants and the draws. Entry fee was $A10 and the top prize would be $100.

New Zealand entrants:

  • Sam Murray,, 8k, Otago University Go Club
  • Ken Xie,, 5d, Auckland
  • Graeme Parmenter,, 4d, Otago University Go Club
  • Fergus Roache,, 1d, Wellington Go Club
  • Emma Reynolds, 10k, Christchurch Go Club
  • Chahine Koleejan,, 5d, Wellington
  • Alan Guerin, 1d, Christchurch Go Club