David Wu, "Wu Xuqi" on the results table, did extremely well for New Zealand at the 2009 Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship in Jeonju, Korea. With five wins from seven games (the same as eleven other players), he finished 12th in the field of 66 contestants - one of New Zealand's best ever results in an international tournament.

Remarkable, perhaps, was that David was the only player in the top 19 to have a grade as low as 3d. One of the six 7ds was 17th, another (Australia's Guo Yiming with 4 wins) was 19th, one of the six 6ds was 16th, and there were nine 5ds below David, one as low as 43rd. Three of his wins were against higher-graded players, one a 5d who ended up 14th.

Nobody could begrudge the top placing of 7d Korean Song Hong-suk, whose seven wins were against the players who came 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 13th, 23rd, and 40th, for a 2nd-equal SS of 33 and 2nd-equal SSS of 212. China's 7d Wang Chen comfortably earned second place, beating 4th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 35th, and 54th for the 4th-highest SS of 32 and the top SSS of 217. Chan Naisan of Hong Kong (6d) may have been a bit lucky to come 3rd because he did not play either of the top two, having an SS of only 28, SSS of 203, and losing to the 4th-placed 7d Japanese, who had had to play both of the top two as well and whose top SS of 37 put him indisputably at the top of the 5-win players, so that his SSS (4th-highest at 207) did not need to be considered.

At the "lower" end, there were 9 kyu players; the lowest-graded was 8k and had a win against a 3k, while the highest-placed kyu player (1k Sandro Poldrugo from Italy) beat a 4d, a 1d, and a 3k to come 41st.

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