"Clubs" on this wiki generally means "New Zealand Go clubs". See Category:NZ Go clubs.

Relationship to the NZGSEdit

The following is copied from the NZGS Constitution:

  • 2.3 A Go Club may become affiliated to the Society be registering all of its members (of whom there must be at least 5) with the society. Registration shall be effective upon receipt by the Society’s treasurer of a club’s membership list, accompanied by the appropriate subscription which shall be derived by multiplying the number of members on the list by the annual membership subscription of the society.
  • 2.4 An affiliated club shall nominate one of its members as club secretary who shall be responsible for communications between club members and the Society committee which should normally be addressed to the secretary of the Society. The club secretary’s duties shall also include informing the committee at least annually of the names, addresses and playing strengths of club members and the name and address of any replacement club secretary.
  • 2.5 Any breach of the provision of this constitution by any club or any member or members shall render it, them, him or her liable to exclusion from the Society at the discretion of the committee.

Ability to hold tournaments earning WAGC pointsEdit

"WAGC points are the points awarded to placegetters in official (national and club) Go tournaments in New Zealand, used at the conclusion of each annual NZ Open for determining who represents New Zealand at the following year's WAGC." "Players who place in the top 4 of a regional tournament, or top 8 in the national tournament, earn WAGC points."

"In theory, any club affiliated to the NZGS ... can run a tournament attracting points."

There has been inconclusive debate about the amount of publicity needed in order for a tournament to qualify and "who is responsible for informing members of tournaments".