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I would like to see what contributors think is the best way to name each article about a person.

  • "Xie, Fang"? "Xie Fang"? "Fang Xie"?
  • "Phease, Yucong", "Phease, Yu Cong", "Yucong Phease", "Yu Cong Phease"?
  • "Lee, Longyang", "Li Long Yang", ....

For the "surname first" option, we would need a following comma for Western-style names. See 2013 NZ Open for a good example. Would any players who use eastern style in their daily life without a comma mind if we made the comma standard for them too?

An alternative is to use whichever style that individual chooses. Fine if we know. But people editing a wiki often don't know. We see a list like the results table and have no idea how those players (except the obvious Westerners) prefer their names. Most of us didn't see the players write their own names anywhere. They would have to tell us.

Whatever we settle on can be changed with a little work. And we can use "redirects" so that any format used in text or in a table can link seamlessly to the actual article. But changes are time-consuming, so it would be good to get things right as soon as convenient.

Please offer signed opinions below.

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 11:14, October 8, 2013 (UTC)

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