This wiki and the official site are created under similar but distinctly different publishing licences. You may not legally copy material from there to here unless it was all your own work or you have sighted a consent to such copying by all editors who contributed any of the original material you want to copy. Wikia management has the right to delete improperly copied material.

Any page here that has or might soon have material copied from a matching page on the official site should have at the bottom the proper link and acknowledgment: {{}}. (It's achievable in one click on the first green jigsaw-puzzle-piece icon to the right of the edit box, if the page names are identical.)

Any contributor to the official site may put a note on his or her User page there, to the effect that such copying is allowed for all or a specified part of that contributor's edits on They should use the simple template {{Wikia}} followed by signature. So you can check the user page of anyone shown as having contributed (in the history of the page you wish to copy) or check the list of users who have agreed. For any who have not so indicated, you should make a request on the user's talk page. If no reply is received within a reasonable time, you may be able to copy much of the page excluding portions that were added by any "non-consenting" editor. You can then summarise or paraphrase that person's contribution or include it in quotation marks with their name mentioned.

See for more detail and suggestions.

Copy from the EDIT BOX of the old wiki to the edit box of the corresponding page on this wiki, so as to preserve formatting etc.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.