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Taiwan is the simplest common name of the Republic of China, comprising the island of Formosa and outlying smaller islands off the coast of mainland China. It is self-governing but is considered to be part of China by the People's Republic of China.

Taiwanese professional plans to visit[]

From: Jade Liui <>

Date: 19 November 2014 09:59

Subject: Re: Go friendship
To: Len Trigg.....

Please let me to introduce myself again, my name is Jade from Taiwan but I live in Germany for a while already.
My friend Ailin from Taiwan, a professional Go-player, will go to New Zealand and stay for at least 6 months, she would like to have contact and meet Go players in your country, join the tournament or travel to different Go clubs, give Go lessons... etc.

She have absolut no idea where she can/ should start from It would be grateful if you can let me know who can help Ailin in this case (chairman of Go Federation New Zealand?) Thank you very much in advance!


Subsequent correspondence mentioning the Wellington Meetup Group:

Hello Robin,

thank you for the quick response! I have forwarded your message to Aillin and she may have some more questions to ask :) Also I saw you have posted my message on the website, hopefully I will attract more eyes, do you also invite professional player to important tournament? (in Germany there are often profis for visiting)

I know personally many active Go players and Go teachers in Germany, I also once organized a German group to Taiwan for Go playing and sightseeing.

trailer of the documentary which I made for our trip, but it is only German subtitled

If you or anyone from your country come to Germany and would like to meet Go Players or ...etc please don't hesitated to let me know.



Robin Patterson <> 於 2014/11/19 11:29 寫道:

Len asked me to give you some contacts.
Please study - the NZ Go Society website.
You have missed the 2014 Open but the next tournament is in Wellington in about 10 days. See the Wellington pages for contacts. There is no club there but there is a meetup group every Monday.

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