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Tom van Bodegraven
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Birth year Long ago
Birth nation Holland
Game-related attributes
Started playing 2002
Clubs Online OGS
Positions Unknown
Prizes None

I love this game. I play as a 17 kyu player at OGS, and hope to become better at it. 027 521 2713. I moved from Christchurch to Wellington in 2014. I live in Raumati Beach.

16/05/2015 I have created this page: My first tournament as a kyu player it talks about my experiences during the 2015 NZ Openas a 17 kyu player. as the tournament is still to happen, it just has the intro.

Are there any Go players in Raumati?

I have created a SandBox page so I can practice and learn: TomSandBox

--User:Tomvanb 04:14, May 17, 2015 (UTC)