These were the current WAGC points after the 2005 NZ Championship in Dunedin and included the deduction from the WAGC representative.

Players with points between -0.1 and 0.1 are not shown.

The player with the highest number of points who was a citizen at the time of the championship had the right to represent NZ at the next WAGC. That was Stanley Wang. Stanley represented New Zealand in May 2006.

WAGC Points 2005
Jung Daniel 30.82
Yuan Jimmy 21.80
Wang Stanley 16.16
Parmenter Graeme 16.12
Kim Do Young 13.74
Wang Hongsheng 13.74
Zhou Juhua 5.63
Chen William 5.53
Kim Sungho 5.13
Yanaginashi Teruhisa 4.72
Pearson Ciaran 4.09
Zhang Daniel 4.09
Cheng Bo 3.12
Jones Kyle 2.24
Xu Sam 2.20
Lakeland Corrin 2.04
Taylor Steve 1.99
Sung Peter 1.85
Li Kelvin 1.83
Phease Edwin 1.83
Wang Henry 1.58
Savage Phil 1.52
Kim Youngha 1.39
Talbot Jeff 1.36
Li Long Yang 1.17
Anonymous Duan 1.12
Kim Wie Soo 1.10
Tomes Ray 1.08
Chang Jang 1.02
Lee Jeong Bong 1.01
Du Xin Sheng 1.01
Sarfati Jonathan 0.88
Watanabe Nozumi 0.88
Burrows Chris 0.84
Yang Ken 0.83
Lee Michael 0.82
Zhou Chaoqun 0.82
Jones Eric -1.99
Kim Steve -3.03
Du Shiyong -14.70
Phease Barry -15.89
Kim Richard -18.88
Grierson Colin -25.19
Pozaroszczyk Roman -43.70
Phease Yu Cong -53.72
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