The World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC) is an international tournament for amateur Go players, held once a year since 1979. The organising body is the International Go Federation (IGF). Each participating country sends one player, although in the beginning of the contest there were multiple players from the stronger Go countries (e.g. Japan, China); in 2007 there were 68 participants. Some of the participants have gone on to become top professional players.File:WAGC round 2.jpg

Past Champions[edit | edit source]

Ordinal Year Champion Champion's Country
1st 1979 Nie Weiping China
2nd 1980 Imamura Fumiaki Japan
3rd 1981 Shao Zhenzhong China
4th 1982 Cao Dayuan China
5th 1983 Ma Xiaochun China
6th 1984 Wang Qun China
7th 1985 Wang Jianhong China
8th 1986 Chan Ka Yui Hong Kong
9th 1987 Imamura Fumiaki Japan
10th 1988 Zhang Wendong China
11th 1989 Che Zewu China
12th 1990 Chang Hao China
13th 1991 Imamura Fumiaki Japan
14th 1992 Kikuchi Yasuro Japan
15th 1993 Sun Yiguo China
16th 1994 Hiraoka Satoshi Japan
17th 1995 Hirata Hironori Japan
18th 1996 Liu Jun China
19th 1997 Liu Jun China
20th 1998 Kim Ch'an-u Korea
21st 1999 Yu Chae-seong Korea
22nd 2000 Sakai Hideyuki Japan
23rd 2001 Li Daichun China
24th 2002 Fu Li China
2003 Not held due to SARS outbreak.
25th 2004 Kang Wook Lee Korea
26th 2005 Hu Yuqing China
27th 2006 Hiraoka Satoshi Japan
28th 2007 Shan Ziteng China
29th 2008 Ha Sung Bong Korea
30th 2009 Hu Yuqing China
31st 2010 Hong-suk Song South Korea
32nd 2011 Baoxiang Bai China
33rd 2012 Qiao Zhijian China

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